Brooklyn Coffee

Brooklyn Coffee, Shoreditch, London

You would be forgiven for missing it while it modestly beckons you in from the Shoreditch clamour, but these guys know their coffee. Their approach may not seem unique to the seasoned cafe-goers, but in an age of coffee chain conglomerates, the minimalist, in-and-out coffee bar makes a refreshing change. You won’t find the sofa-laden, living room-esq interior and scramble for seats to plug-in to in-house Wifi; rather a more stark grey with heavy concrete counter-tops, no Wifi connectivity and only four bar stools to linger. 

This coffee shop doesn’t intend to intrude on your day to day, rather welcome you in for a few friendly moments on your way to or from work, on your lunch, elevenses or three o’clock breaks. It’s a stop off for excellent coffee; a drink and a snack; that little but necessary pick-me-up during the madness of a working day in London.