Pixie Guide - the best London coffee shops in which to find a little bit of calm

Community Manager at Pixie, Lottie is a foodie. She lives in central London and always knows the hottest new indys that have opened and is a pro on recommending a recipe or restaurant for any occasion. But in order to enjoy the buzz you need to know where to find the calm. In this guide she shares her favourite cafes in London in which to seek some solace and spend a bit of time on your own. 

Finks Salt and Sweet, Highbury

Simple, straightforward and absolutely beautiful. Good for a Saturday morning (arrive early to avoid the queues) surrounded by the weekend papers, or for me just the food supplements. As the light floods though the huge windows you can’t help but have a nice time.


Fix 126, Shoreditch

Great music, great Coleman and Son coffee and a very cool atmosphere to enjoy it all in. I like to bury myself in a book and order lattes on repeat.


Green Room Café, Stoke Newington

Great in the summer when the back garden’s open. Squeezed on the end of a communal table you’ll feel as content as if you were in your own home. On your way out buy some flowers, for no reason except that they’re nice.


Wild Bunch Juicery, Chiswick

Sit in the window with one of the freshly made juices (I like to add an extra shot of ginger), watch the people amble past on Chiswick High Road and let the calm vibes take over.


Federation Coffee Brixton Village

The best coffee in Brixton. Fact. A trip here is a pilgrimages of sorts justifiably undertaken on your own and savoured when you get there.