5 of the best - independent bookshops in london

Independent bookshops. The kind of shops that have personality and passion etched through their soul, the kind of passion that is ever-growing and everlasting and a personality that is all consuming. Never has an interesting person got 'bored of books'. Drawing you in off the street their owners and range of titles have the ability to entrance for hours as you browse stacked shelves and get lost in a world of imagination.

Each one unique and a true representation of their owner, independent bookshops are independent in every sense of the word, as such never could we choose a favourite for every one is different. However, in ode to Independent Bookshop Week (16-25th June) we've selected 5 from Pixie that you don't want to miss. Make it your mission to visit them, we promise you won't be disappointed. 

  Primrose Hill Books, Primrose Hill

A true family affair, owners Jessica and Marek met on the premises and nowadays their daughters are often found doing their homework behind the counter. Expect to trip over stacks of titles not yet sorted, be inundated with personal recommendations and leave having bought far more than you planned to.  


Gullivers Bookshop, Wimborne, Dorset

Set in the heart of Wimborne, Dorset Gullivers is a community gem. Run by 4 generations of Angel family members, the team at Gullivers do not stop at selling books. With a literary festival, radio station and all host of community projects already under their belts next on their list is a history festival. 


Tales On Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill

A new breed of bookshop, one solely for children that makes reading sociable and learning fun. Expect author events, personal recommendations, organised outings and specially selected titles from self-published authors. 


Barnes Bookshop, Barnes

If you want a recommendation, head to Barnes Bookshop for the team here know their stuff. Senior bookseller Lucy claims to read faster than anyone else in the world and regularly takes 20 books on holiday with her. Excessive? Maybe. But undeniably useful for the customer.


Fosters Bookshop, Chiswick High Road

Based from the oldest shop on Chiswick High Road and specialising in illustrated children's books and first editions, Foster's Bookshop is the proof in the pudding that not all good things need to be new. Second generation bookseller Stephen picks every book himself and his eccentric passion is infectious. Quiz him on his knowledge of rare books, there's not much he doesn't know.