"I have worked in restaurants all my life but it was my creative career that brought me to London and the opportunity to run my own eatery, my way."


Tacotitlan is a superb Mexican inspired eatery with a unique ethical twist. Part of the locally famous Pump food market, situated in the heart of Shoreditch, Tacotitlan serves up traditional Mexican street food that's bursting with flavour and fresh ingredients. Everything on the menu is created on site using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and focusing on seasonal produce. Everything from the tacos to the salsa is fair trade and ethically sourced.

For Mexico City born Pablo Lugo, 'green cooking' is of paramount importance. This means is that the business is designed to have an almost non existent C02 footprint. Pablo achieves this by making the journey to the local food markets every morning on his bike, buying only what he needs each day and creating as little waste in the preparation of the menu as possible. This raw waste is managed so that it goes back into the food cycle, to grow new crops and feed live stock.


his Community


Legend says that "Shore's ditch" name came about through a royal misdemeanour (nothing new) with Jane Shore the mistress of Edward the IV apparently being buried in a ditch in the area. However as with every good bit of gossip there is often a more plausible anecdote, which in Shoreditch's case it was once simply a "Sewer Ditch". Bummer!!!

Whatever the origins of this now trendy community you won't be disappointed with a visit to it. This urban playground packs a punch, from Brick Lane Market to an abundance of wonderful independent shops and trendy bars, you'll be surely entertained with all manner of experiences that await you.