The Squash Court

"Our ethos is very much on growing our own food, reusing and rescuing previously loved objects to give them a new lease of life."


If the word utopia could be seen in true form then we imagine The Squash Court would be it. From the quirky shop where a fine selection of new and vintage lifestyle delights await your discovery, to the truly organic, healthy and delicious food that you simply can’t ignore at the cafe that sits on the other side of the courtyard.

Ali and her beautiful team clearly invest more than just their time into this unique independent. Their picturesque walled garden provides seasonal food for ingredients, as well as the artistically displayed flowers. A clear labour of love gives The Squash Court that je ne c'est quoi that eludes so many.


Their Community


Positioned at the confluence of two rivers, Wimborne is a place of gentle tranquility yet it supports a vibrant selection of independent businesses and a thriving arts scene. At the heart of the town is sited Wimborne Minster, a Saxon church with its celebrated chained library and astronomical clock. This is surrounded by a beautiful selection of historic town houses, pubs, alleyways and squares that encourage a slower less hectic pace of life.