The Streetlight Project

"Andy had the idea of creating a space where people of all ages, genders and religions, could congregate in one place and create a social area for all."


This had been a deep rooted passion for many years, which he was finally able to bring to life in March 2014, after years of planning. This has justified him building the perfect community hub, encompassing everything he holds dear to his faith. 

The StreetLight centre offers all year round events, band nights and skating competitions for anyone looking to fill their day with diverting activities. Developing constantly and always looking for new ways to share the faith. It is much more than a skate park; it's an oasis for people to enjoy something different, with your family or by making new friends. ‘Drop in’ for a 'Ollie' good time at the StreetLight centre .


his Community


Positioned at the confluence of two rivers, Wimborne is a place of gentle tranquility yet it supports a vibrant selection of independent businesses and a thriving arts scene. At the heart of the town is sited Wimborne Minster, a Saxon church with its celebrated chained library and astronomical clock. This is surrounded by a beautiful selection of historic town houses, pubs, alleyways and squares that encourage a slower less hectic pace of life.

The town supports a host of well-frequented independent shops that sell all manner of unique items including books, children's toys, cookware, fine furniture, plus of course many fine eateries to enjoy in-between. A leisurely lunch at the Tickled Pig is one such way to enjoy a visit to this jewel in the crown of rural Dorset.